Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 - The Ebay pile

30 January 2011 - We are trying to declutter by selling stuff on ebay. Sometimes it works really well (my iPod sold for an insane amount) sometimes not so well (the books aren't selling). Only problem, most money is received via PayPal, so we are limited to spending on the internet, which is a dangerous thing.
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Day 29- Waiting in line

29 January 2011- Waiting in line to pay at the bookfest. The queues were about 1/2 hour to 45 minute waits. At least you had the chance to browse while waiting though. Bookfest always provides a window on past reading trends- tones of John Grishams and Dan Browns. The children's section used to have many copies of Five Little Peppers and Pollyannas, but no Harry Potters. Harry Potter is creeping in, but you are still more likely to find Enid Blyton and the Babysitter club.
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Day 28 - Molding

28 January 2011- The molding in our living room. This is an interesting design, very Art Deco.
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Day 27 - Elf!

27 January 2011 - The series three of Lego minifigs came out today. While I was having lunch, a co-worker picked up one for me. It turned out to be an elf
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Day 26 - The referee

26 January 2011 - I am pretty sure that I have shown the kendo people previously, in my other 365, but I glanced at this and was struck by how it resembles a staged fight, with a referee.
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Day 25 - I'm Bored

25 January 2011 - While at the Post Office, waiting for Greg to get to the front of the line, I entertained myself with these little erasers. The Post Offices have turned themselves into shops, and it is interesting to see the trends they pick up. 5 yearsw ago there were very few consumer stationery stores- you could go to an office supply place for funcitonal, or a department store for the small selection they offered. Then a few trendy spots started (Kikki k, SMiggle, Typo) and then suddenly, cute stationery is everywhere.
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Day 24 Pumpkin

24 January 2011- Pumpkins in Australia are usually not orange. This one, the product of my mother's garden is probably a Queensland Blue.
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Day 23 - Ducks

23 January 2011- Ducks in the local wetland area, which is very full of water at the moment. No theme this week, see how it goes
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Day 22 - Taking a break

22 January 2011- After 5 months, we finally went to the cafe round the corner. My latte and Greg's iced chocolate were yummy!

Postcard 9 - Indonesia

21 January 2011 - A postcard from not too far away, showing WOrld Heritage temples in Indonesia
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Day 21- Not coffee

21 January 2011 - the beginning of a new office radition, Friday afternoon drinks. The boss missed both this inaugaural event, and the following Friday, but we are keeping it going.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 20 - Clutter

20 January 2011- Another day, another cup of coffee. Here you can see the backdrop of desktop clutter
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Postcard 8 - Russia

19 January 2011- This is a two sided postcard of a townhall in Russia- One shows it at the turn of the century, the other today.>

Postcard 7- Netherlands

19 Janury 2011- A postcard from the Netherlands- yay!
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Day 19 Coffee and water

19 January 2011- Morning coffee in one of my nice cups, plus a bottle of water. It's important to stay hydrated
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Postcard 6 - China

18 January 2011 - A postcard of a chinese village and "horse head walls"

Day 18 - on the desk

18 January 2011- I seem to be a little over the coffee theme, the desk is what is in focus.
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Postcard 5 Ecuador

17 January 2011- Ok, a flaw in my geography, I wasn't aware of the fact that the Andes stretched into Ecuador.
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Day 17 - Afternoon coffee

17 January 2011 - Work has a coffee machine, just what I need in the early afternoon- here with a chocolate mint stick
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Day 16 - At the market

16 January 2011 - At the Chandler markets, and the theme this week appears to be coffee
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Day 15- Books

15 January 2011- No depiction of my home is complete without a shot of the bookshelves.
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Day 14 - Working from home

14 January 2011 - With the CBD out of action, our office was closed, so we were all working from home. I don't know why people think that this is such a great idea, I was distracted all day.
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Day 13 - Back room

13 January 2011- The stuff in our back room. It's where stuff that has no other place gets put. The photo predates the tidy up operation.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Postcard 4 - Badlands

12 January 2011- Two postcards in one day. This is from South Dakota, not too far from the Badlands

Postcard 3 - Italia!

12 January 2011- Another postcard! This time a free one (advertising a car) from Italy

Day 12- Onlookers

12 January 2011- Ok, I missed a theme photo, but this was better. Onlookers at the Kangaroo Point cliffs, looking at the rising Brisbane river.
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Day 11 - Work

11 January 2011- The potential for flooding spooked us at the office, so we departed to work from home.
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