Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Postcard 42- Taiwan

This arrived 28 April 2011 (back in sync with the photos for the moment) from Taiwan. I don't know if this is a known character, or just a random cartoony sketch. It is cute, and very summery feeling
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Day 118- It's curtains for you

28 April 2011- We headed out to Caboolture for a book exchange. It was held in this community hall, which was somewhat dated. I do have fond memories of places like this through my childhood in the USA, but they generally didn't have a picture of the queen (one dating from the 50s I would say) in the corner.
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Day 117- Yarn

27 April 2011- I have been knitting these fluffy shawl/wrap things with this wool with fuzzy caterpillar bits. This one eventually became one for my mum. Just out of site is a big snarl of wool that I was in the process of sorting.
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Day 116- The painting

26 April 2011- My mum paints, and a couple of years ago I pointed out that she hadn't painted one of me, but my sibling had been painted. When we were in NZ we took a lot of pictures of me in the various red wooden phone booths of different eras (still with working phones). Clearly overcome by guilt she painted this. No, not really overcome by guilt I hope. Anyway, I rewarded her with this terribly composed exposure on the nets.
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Day 115- Stitching

25 April 2011- It's a work in progress. Going to be a cheery hedgehog but currently looks like an alien creature.
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Postcard 41- Spain

Received 18 April 2011- a picture of a town in Spain. Not quite sure what the town name is, possibly Arribas?
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Postcard 40-Warsaw

This card was received on the 13th of April, 2011. A selection of photos of Warsaw.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 114 - Fruit loaf

24 April 2011- We bought this fruit loaf from a stall at the West End markets. That would be whole dried figs and apricots and dates in there. So yummy, especially with the freshly made butter from another stall.
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Day 113- Police car origami

23 April 2011- I bought these for G's birthday. I thought they were cardboard folding things. No. Instead origami paper printed with police car (and fire engine design) and numbers to show where the folds should be. Fiddly
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Postcard 39- Netherlands

This one was received 15 April 2011- an old port town in the Netherlands.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Postcard 38- China

This post card was received 13 April 2011 It is from someone in Dalian but is actually a picture of something in Pingyao. Wierdly, the caption is in Chinese (understandable) and Portuguese? Perhaps there are many portugese tourists? A mystery for now.
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Day 112- It looks like snow?

22 April 2011- But since I live in South east Queensland, it is very unlikely. I don't actually know what these tiny flowers are, but they look a little like snowflakes, and from a distance, the piles of them on the ground could be seen as tiny snow drifts.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 111- The spare room

21 April 2011 - Not our spare room though. My Mum's, as we went over for dinner and spent the night. There may have been a family breakfast the next morning for Good Friday (there was) that made it easier just to stay.
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Postcard 37- Wisconsin

Another postcard received on 6 April 2011, of a very chilly looking place. It never looks like this in QLD!
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Postcard 36 - Finland

This postcard was received April 4 2011, from Finland. Clearly sending postcards is popular there. It's a nice picture of water clouds and sky.
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Day 110- Lampshades

20 April 2011- We went out for a birthday dinner, and in the area near the restaurant there are these street lamps with plastic lamp shades. Interesting idea, pity the photo didn't work so well.
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Day 109- Lolly Jar

19 April 2011 - Leftover lollies (sweets/candy etc) from a lolly jar we made as a present. Mostly boiled sweets with some jelly beans. ONe month on from this photo, most of the lollies are still there, but all of the non-black jelly beans have been eaten
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Postcard 35 - France

This one was received 29 March 2011, from France. Apparently the french have "light"magnums? Also, the USA has only now started to sell these? Amazing. I am also fascinated by the many names that the ice cream company (the heart logo) has.  In Ireland it is Walls, in England (and Australia) Streets, in France it it apparently Miko.  I remember that it was also different in Italy and Spain, but can't remember what it was
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Postcard 34 - Finland

Whoops, haven't been keeping up with these either. This one, which was a private swap was received 28 March 2011, from Finland. Very Pretty
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 108- Socks

18 April 2011- We sent socks to Japan for victims of the earthquake.  Each is packaged in its own little bag, with a care note inside as well.  Sometimes it is the little things that help the most.

Day 107 - Bottle Caps

17 April 2011- We have been collecting bottlecaps for a year or so, to make a bottle cap man.  It's quite easy when you drink as much sparkling Italian water as we do- these were all on the coffee table.  To be fair, a couple were from the Boylans soda we bought as well.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 106-

16 April 2011- We found this cute cafein Albion. Not sure how long they will last though.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 105- Super Smart

15 April 2011- I went to an industry lunch, and these were placed on each table. It is very convenient for marketers that the industry is "super", we have all kinds of puns around the word. I produce a news summary each month called "Isn't It Super". At least I didn't think of the name myself.
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Day 104- Bilby

14 April 2011- While I was in Melbourne I visited a Haighs chocolate store and purchased a small souvenir for Greg. It's a tin of Easter Bilby chocolates, with this adorable Bilby magnet clinging on- protecting his chocolate brethren. The chocolates are gone, but the tin and the magnet are still here. Easter Bilbies are the environmentally friendly chocolate choice, because chocolate bunnies do so much damage to the environment...
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 103- A Greek tragedy

13 April 2011- These metal sculptures are apparently meant to symbolise characters in one of the Greek tragedies. I can't remember which one. They used to be in the center of King George Square, in front of City Hall, but were moved into storage about 5 years ago, when it was redeveloped, and disappeared. They have appeared in front of the IBM building, where I once worked, in the last year or so.
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Day 102 - Stuff

12 April 2011- A collection of miscellania- the iPhone, some postcards (you can buy them on Etsy!), my keys and my zombie yellow ducky
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