Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 75- Before the concert

16 March 2013- We went to the Bruce Springsteen concert on my Birthday.  I don't have pictures from the concert(too busy actually living my experience not recording it), but only pictures from waiting.
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Day 74- Jazz club

15 March 2013- The Brisbane jazz club is near the river, at Kangaroo Point.  For my borthday, my dad took us here- it was definitly a good music night.  I have known it existed for years, but never got organised enough to go- and that is what everyone else says as well!
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Day 73- post gym

14 March 2013- waiting to be picked up after a gym class
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Day 72- fail

13 Masrch 2013- nothing....
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 71

12 March 2013- lovely orchid, sadly it no longer looks this good.  I can grow mulberry from the berry but I am not a good orchid owner
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 70- This feels so wrong

11 March 2013- we took an old laptop apart.  I think it was mildly traumatising for my husband, he kept saying "this feels so wrong"!
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Day 69- growth

10 March 2013- My husband always talks of the mulberry trees of his childhood.  These have largely disappeared from suburban gardens, but the building next door has a straggler.  When it had berries we picked a few, and after many months I grew these from seed!  Anyone want a mulberry tree?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 68- trying on clothes

9 March 2013 While waiting for my husband, in the line at the post office, i decided to try on some clothes.  i sent several of these pics thrpugh, but the reception for his phone is poor-he didn't get them
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Day 67- something's happening

8 March 2013- I knew something was up from the fact that the two choppers (barely visible in the picture) were hovering over the other side of the river.  Both were news organisations, and there was at least one more.  This was a day a gunman decided to hang out at the Queen St Mall in Brisbane- he didn't shoot anyone, but he succeeded in shutting that part of the city down for a large part of the day.
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Day 66

7 March 2013- a work lunch after strategy morning
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 65

6 March 2013
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Day 64- morning

5 March 2013
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Day 63 - Wine time

4 March 2013- An evening of NZ wine
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Day 62

3 March 2013- another panel of writers
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Day 61

2 March 2013- We went to the Australian Romance Readers Convention.  This is a very blurry picture of several historical romance writers at the end of a panel.  I should add, it was very fun to spend two days with many other people who also love to read. 
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Day 60 - Hello Cocky

1 March 2013- a cockatoo on the wires outside our flat.
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Day 59-

28 February 2013- the various pills and vitamins I take each morning.
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Day 58- Fail

27 February 2013- no picture taken
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Day 57

26 February 2013- it must be raining
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Day 56- in a box

25 February 2013- packed away
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Day 55- at ikea?

24 February 2013
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Day 54- breakfast

23 February 2013
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Day 53

22 February 2013- Hangers.  on the bed. no explanation here

Day 52

21 February 2013- I have no idea
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Day 51- pilates

20 February 2013- Back to the gym and the wednesday Pilates class
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