Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 153- Checking the phone

2 June 2011- speaks for itself
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Day 152- Fail

1 June 2011- Having a bad couple of weeks, another absolute failure

Day 151- lunch

31 May 2011- Chicken katsu curry from around the corner. yum
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Day 150- Ugg boots

30 May 2011- Back in rotation for winter. They are extremely comfortable and warm, and contrary to what some people believe, can be worn outside the house
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Day 149 - In focus

29 May 2011- I was trying to take a picture of the bird, but what I got was a very in focus bunch of flowers.
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Day 148- Mushroom

28 May 2011- Our new mushroom cushion on the fleecy blanket.
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Day 147 - Night views

27 May 2011- This is one of the two footbridges over the Brisbane river- no cars allowed. There was a work event at the Gallery close by, so I was able to get this shot by night
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Day 146 - Project in waiting

26 May 2011- I have this awesome potential proect in the magazine- these nifty little apple jackets, but I don't know how to crochet, and when I try, it just looks wrong
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Day 145 - All Tied up

25 May 2011 - One of the ties we bought in Japan. They have nice small designs so work well with many shirts.
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Postcard 55- Flowers

Also received 24 May 2011- Flowers from Germany.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Postcard 54-Taiwan

24 May 2011 was the date this one was received. A windy road down the mountain
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Day 144 - Fail

24 May 2011- Complete and utter fail. No picture here

Day 143- First shot

23 May 2011- I took a stack of pictures trying to capture the cat, and this, which was a lucky shot at the start, was by far the best.
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Day 142- At the movies

22 May 2011- Off to the movies to watch Pirates, in 2D thank you very much. Over the 3D thing
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Day 141- Wine

21 May 2011- The wine collection. The cupboard in which it was stored developed a mysterious stickiness and ant attractant, so all bottles were pulled. Turned out that one of the coke cans at the very back had developed a tiny leak, spraying a gradual stream of coke through the cupboard.
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Day 140 - Beer

20 May 2011- A few of us at the office went out for lunch. Mine is the tiny beer. I got the tasting flight- so three tiny ones instead of the big ones my co-workers had

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Postcard 53- Van Gogh

Received 9 May 2011, this one from the Netherlands got a little hidden
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Postcard 52- Ohio

Also received 17 May 2011- A picture of a building at the university of Dayton
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Postcard 51- Finland

Received 17 May 2011- An old picture of a Finnish town
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Postcard 50-Poland

Received 17 May 2011- A lovely picture of polish woods
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Day 139- In First place

19 May 2011- The reason why I am tracking my steps. A work fitness competition. My team is walk the line, we probably won't be seeing that placing again as we are not all fitness junkies
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Day 138

18 May 2011- I don't have a title for this one, or a description that isn't obvious
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Day 137- Tracking my steps

17 May 2011- Two of my pedometers. Trying to track steps and improve fitness
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Day 136- I can't hear you

16 May 2011- Self portrait of ear. The problem with putting these up a month late is that I have NO idea why
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Day 135- Puzzle pieces

15 May 2011- Puzzle pieces. I started a new puzzle with tiny pieces
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Day 134- Bottlecaps

14 May 2011- More photos of bottle caps
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Day 133- Water bottles

13 May 2011- Empty water bottles at the office.
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Day 132- Interior of hat

12 May 2011- My inspiration and motivations seem to have disappeared. Only photo and it is of the interior of my red hat
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