Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88- Postcards!

29 March 2011- But these ones haven't been sent. We are going to the Suitcase Rummage on the weekend, and are going to see if my postcards sell.

Day 87 - Egg cups

28 March 2011 - We eat quite a few eggs. I really want to get chickens, but Greg is not enthused

Day 86 - Sashiko

27 March 2011- The Sashiko project I am working on.

Day 85- Wishes

26 March 2011- From a GOMA exhibition

Day 84 - Shadows

25 March 2011- We went to a local Italian restaurant. They have plants growing inside as their herb garden, and a rather awesome tree

Day 83- pumpkin innards

24 March 2011 Not much more to say really

Day 82 - Fail

23 March 2011- I failed to take a picture.

Day 81- history

22 March 2011- My family has had this china bunny for a very long time. We got it from the realtor who sold us the Scott Valley house in Mill Valley. At the time the house also came with a live bunny, Mr Whiskers. It has survived several moves, to live outside my Mum's house in Welly Point.

Day 80- bag

21 March 2011- I bought this in Narita airport, as we were heading home. It's taken me 3 months to pull it out and try to put it together. Not sure I have it right

Day 79 - New bed cover

20 March 2011 - We bought new sheets this week, and somehow that meant we needed a new comforter cover. We ended up with this very subtle, restrained Laura Ashley one (half price!). I think we may need some bright cushions as a contrast.

Day 78 - Fixin's

19 March 2011- We went out for Korean BBQ with Greg's friend Mat. This place is awesome, and very popular.

Day 77 - Flowers

18 March 2011- I felt unwell, so stayed home. Greg bought me flowers!

Day 76 - At home

17 March 2011- Greg, with various electronic toys

Day 75- Happy Birthday

16 March 2011- We went out for my birthday, to a french restaurant. This is the entree(starters) taster plate.

Day 74 - Dinner

15 March 2011- Fajitas!

Day 73- Buildings

14 March 2011- taken from the car

Day 72- Horton hears a who on my computer

13 March 2011 - One of those promotional toys. It used to sit on my cubicle wall at work, but came home when we moved

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postcard 29 - FInland

Well, this is really a much older card, but somehow it missed being posted. received 15 February 2011. A cafe in FInland.
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Postcard 28- Russia

14 March 2011- A painting of Old Novgorod
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Postcard 27 - Finland

Received 10 March 2011. I think that there are a lot of postcard collectors in Finland
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Postcard 26- USA

Another black and white postcard of an artist from the USA. Recevied 10 March 2011
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Postcard 25- Australia

A postcard from my sister in Perth, not a postcrossing one. Received 8 March 2011
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Postcard 24- China

A postcard from China, received 8 March 2011
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Day 71- Useless things

12 March 2011- We stopped at a lifeline shop (op shop) up the sunshine coast. Here is a collection of useless (outdated items)
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Day 70- pretty awful

11 March 2011- The map of the projected tsunami. How can something so horible have such a pretty design.
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Day 69- scarf

10 March 2011- last year's knitting project
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Day 68- Pedometer

9 March 2011- I have gotten a few comments on my ipod lately. I wear it on my wrist, as a watch, and generally have the pedometer option on.
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Day 67- Boots

8 March 2011- What is around the home.
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Day 66- Kindle cover

7 March 2011- My kindle cover. Featuring chickadees.
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Postcards 22 and 23- Finalnd

These two arrived on the 3rd of March, as part of a direct postcard swap with someone in Finland. SHe wanted cards of koala's, I go an Inge Look card and a moomin card!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 65 -Finished

6 March 2011- The compeleted Christmas napkins. All ready for next year.
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Day 64- In the study

5 March 2011- A view of the things in the study, a bookshelf, an exercise bike and an umbrella
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Day 63- Fail

4 March 2011- I took only one photo on this day, but I have two current Project 35 blogs. Also, the letter was a fail on the part of a bank
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Day 62- Easter eggs

3 March 2011- the chocolate selling season starts early
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