Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 231- the garage

18 August 2012- squishing the contents of a 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom unit- a bit difficult.  The garage is holding the overflow, with juuuust enough room for the car
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Day 230- water

17 August 2012- I take a lot of photos of water glasses.  I do appreciate the importance of proper hydration, having dehydrated myself a few times.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 229- Fail

16 August 2012- I appear to have no picture, so fail again!  This is a photo of my grandad
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Day 228- At the Ekka

15 August 2012- The Ekka is kind of like a State Fair- it started like as an agricultural fair (and still has a fair amount of that) and has rides and sideshows and showbags and food stalls.  A picture of G at the place where we had lunch.  Food options have improved considerably over the last decade.
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Postcard 171- Netherlands

Received 6 July 2012 (i think, my date is badly written) from Netherlands.  A picture of the Riyksmuseum in Amsterdam.  postcard id:NL-1282292
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Postcard 170 - Belarus

Received 6 July 2012 from Belarus!  Very cute postcard id: BY-501123
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Postcard 169- USA

Received 2 July 2012 from Kansas City! This is a performing arts centre.  Postcard id:US-1732265
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Postcard 168- Belarus

Received 26 June 2012 from Belarus as part of the April round robin.  A retro style card- pretty cool! sender id:subbota_v
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Postcard 167- Belarus

Received 26 June 2012 as part of the March round robin.  The mail between Australia and Belarus takes a while! A lovely Paul Gaugin picture. sender id: Skliu
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Day 227- Sunset over Mt Coot-tha

14 August 2012- Waiting to be picked up from work, I could see these amazing colours!
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Day 226- Teapot

13 August 2012- a teapot shaped like the leaning tower of Pisa?
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Day 225- the empty room

12 August 2012 - All cleared out in anticipation for moving.
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Day 224- Cupcake

11 August 2012- An initial attempt at passionfruit cupcakes
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Day 223- The essential bucket

10 August 2012- This bucket usually holds soap, but here it has been filled with the bathroom essentials required while we are in moving phase
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Day 222 Shells

9 August 2012- Somewhere along the line we acquired these shelves
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Day 221- An empty glass

8 August 2012- A truly pessimistic view, or just the failure to find the water bottle?
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Day 220- Fruit box day

7 August 2012- Fruit box day- we get a veg and fruit box delivered fortnightly, which means less decisions about to eat.
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Day 219- flowers

6 August 2012- I love narcissus flowers- they smell so nice, and so fresh.  But buld flowers are few and far between in Brisbane, it just doesn't get cold enough for them here...
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Day 218- the mess

5 August 2012- the assorted debris of trying to pack up the house
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Postcard 166- Russia

Received 26 June 2012 from Russia- a portrait of tsesarevich Alexis from 1917.  postcard id: RU-1016275
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Postcard 165- Switzerland

Received 22 June 2012- A Paul Klee painting! postcard id: CH-112369
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Day 217- Breakfast

4 August 2012- We went out to breakfast with my sister and her husband.  This cafe does very nice brekkie- this is sauteed mushrooms with a white wine sauce, scrambled eggs and pecorino. yum
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Day 216- the present box

3 August 2012- Yes, we do buy presents early, but we aren't methodical.  If we see something we like, or we think it would be a good present for someone, or its a good deal, we buy it.  Sometimes they linger- there's a present in there for my stepbrother that we bought in 2010.  Two years later he will finally receive it!  Very useful in the face of unexpected gift occasions though!
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Postcard 164 Belarus

Received 22 June 2012 a very cute card from Minsk! Postcard id:BY-491751
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some cross stitch kits

i am not sure of size- these are very popular shoes to go to the beach

15 cm x 15 cm - Australian birds

15 cm x 15 cm Koala!

20 cm x 44 cm Kookaburras

22cm x 17 cm - traditional house for Australia,

size? maybe 20 x 25? possum on a gum tree?

Australian flowers- Red Gum tree
Tree frogs
20 x 44 cm

More Kookaburras
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