Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 24- Superstitious

24 January 2013- I am now trying to finish this project quickly because I am rather superstitious about it.  I bought it last year, while I was stimming for the worst IVF cycle in terms of egg production.  I was working on it in October to relax during the cycle tht ended early and spectacularly badly.  And guess what I have been doing to relax myself and destress in January.  So this piece has some bad baby mojo.  I don't want it. But i need to finish it.  And then I will give it to someone who is either not superstitious, or who doesn't want kids.  Worth noting that in December (when you know, I actually fell pregnant) I was working on other things.  kind of reinforces the superstition.  So, if you want this piece, drop me a line.  Fair warning, I am using it to soak up the anger/sad.
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